Honda Bonsai Pots Sale for MBC Members

UPDATE: The sale of Honda bonsai pots is complete. Out of 54 bonsai pots, 52 were sold and one was sold through auction. One chipped pot was disposed of. The members of Marin Bonsai Club purchased 44 in total. The 10 other bonsai pots went to the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt Mammoth Auction and Sale. It took nearly four months to dispose of the bonsai pots; including transporting, washing, announcing the sale, conducting the sale. Marin Bonsai Club received a percentage of the sales. All proceeds went to the Honda family.


MBC members have already taken advantage of purchasing Honda bonsai pots. These bonsai pots are being sold on a 80/20 split for the benefit of the Honda estate and MBC.

Some 19 out of 54 bonsai pots have been purchased to date. There are quality bonsai pots remaining to be sold. Contact George Haas at or 707-762-9154 if interested.

As a reminder, repotting season is from December through March. MBC has scheduled three consecutive repotting workshops in January and February of 2019.

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