Honda Bonsai Pots Sale for MBC Members

UPDATE: The sale of Honda bonsai pots is complete. Out of 54 bonsai pots, 52 were sold and one was sold through auction. One chipped pot was disposed of. The members of Marin Bonsai Club purchased 44 in total. The 10 other bonsai pots went to the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt Mammoth Auction and Sale. It took nearly four months to dispose of the bonsai pots; including transporting, washing, announcing the sale, conducting the sale. Marin Bonsai Club received a percentage of the sales. All proceeds went to the Honda family.


MBC members have already taken advantage of purchasing Honda bonsai pots. These bonsai pots are being sold on a 80/20 split for the benefit of the Honda estate and MBC.

Some 19 out of 54 bonsai pots have been purchased to date. There are quality bonsai pots remaining to be sold. Contact George Haas at or 707-762-9154 if interested.

As a reminder, repotting season is from December through March. MBC has scheduled three consecutive repotting workshops in January and February of 2019.

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Amazing Transformation!

All it takes is a lot of time and a whole bunch of skill. Here’s a ‘before’ shot of Jay McDonald’s fluffy Japanese Larch, a deciduous conifer.

Jay spent 7 hours plucking needles prior to his recent all-day wiring marathon/workshop with visiting bonsai professional Bjorn Bjorholm (

In this case, ‘all-day’ = 10 hours of wiring!  Fortunately, Jay estimates he won’t need to unwire this tree for two years.

Almost tragically, this tree lost two important branches about 3 years ago. Jay unwired the tree then and grew new branches to fill the vacancy left behind.  Jay’s effort has really paid off!


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MBC Roles & Responsibilities

As mentioned in October’s newsletter, our Board is looking for a President, Secretary and Treasurer. If you would like to know what is involved in the various board positions and leadership roles, please click MBC Roles & Responsibilities to see a detailed description of the responsibilities.

Email for more information.

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Deodar pruning complete!

Jay McDonald finished trimming the Deodar Cedar he brought to the demo a few weeks ago.



Nice work, Jay!

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September 2018: Jay McDonald

Marin Bonsai Club’s very own VP of Shows, Jay McDonald was our very entertaining demonstrator this month. Jay cooked up a scrumptious rock planting.

The main ingredients: a beautiful lace rock foundation, one Hollywood Juniper and Jay’s special ‘Silverback’ moss.

Throw in a little Dymondia, a pinch of orange Bacopa and one tiny Tillandsia and here’s what Jay came up with:

Note the perfect corresponding ‘wing’ on the rock!

Treasurer Art Wasserman, the raffle man

Winner Cheryl Redmond

The bonsai winner and the winner artist. Good job, Jay!

Show & Tell:

Trident Maple rock planting

Deodar Cedar – Working from the bottom up.

Euonymus alatus aka Winged Euonymus, Burning Bush

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August 2018: Peter Tea

Peter Tea returned to the Marin Bonsai Club for our August meeting with his ongoing program on developing junipers for bonsai. He brought several trees to illustrate his talk, some he had worked on previously with the club, so we could see the progress the trees have made.

Peter started out with a review of the trees, pointing out the differences between the Itoyagawa variety which has lighter, finer foliage and is a little more difficult to work on, and Kishu, which is identified by darker and more dense foliage. Examining the trees that had been worked on previously with the club we saw that the trees exhibited strong growth and buds developing at the base of branches enabling Peter to make some judicious cuts. He cautioned us not to over prune the trees. Generally junipers are worked on twice a year, in June and December. The months of June and July will generally show the strongest growth, and if the tree responds well to pruning at this time and grows back strongly, it can then be pruned again at the end of the year. The top might even need to be cut more frequently, but there will also be areas that we won’t want to cut at all. The temptation to cut ugly or overly exuberant growth is strong, but these branches serve a purpose for a period of time in that they may generate new growth in an area that currently has none.

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More auction enticement

Wondering what else you’ll be able to bid on at tomorrow’s Marin Bonsai Club auction?

The auction is open to the public. Be there or be square (sorry, couldn’t stop myself).

August 21 – 7pm preview, live auction starts at 7:30pm.

Terra Linda Community Center
670 Del Ganado Road, San Rafael, CA

+ Google Map

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