Auction Time!


Here are some photos (thank you George Haas) of the auction action:

Congratulations to everybody on another superbly executed auction. A special thank you to Candace Key, who tirelessly takes the helm of this huge undertaking every year. It was also wonderful to see the auction regulars without whom the whole thing would fall apart: Michaele Jaffe, Alison Seaman, Frances Noles and our Treasurer, Art Wasserman, were all on hand to work the tables and keep the auction running smoothly. And then there were the runners, and Dan Keller got most of the food — I’m sure everybody will get their thank yous, there are simply too many to mention here. But of course I have to nod to Jay McDonald for another excellent job at the podium.

The new venue in San Rafael was universally liked (we’re sure to use it again), there was some excellent promotional work done by George Haas and Jessica Wasserman beforehand, and now we just have to get even more people and trees there next year . . .

– David Eichhorn

A gavel comes down on the word Auction to symbolize the final bid being called

The Auction!

The Marin Bonsai Club Auction will be held on Tuesday August 16 at the Corporate Center, 750 Lindaro Street, in downtown San Rafael. We are very excited about this new venue which offers lots of light and space in which to showcase all manner of bonsai and pre-bonsai material, tools, stands, books, pots and more. There will be a Sales area too and there are sure to be lots of bargains. Preview starts at 6:45 pm with the auction starting promptly at 7:30 pm. Sales are cash and check with local ID. No credit cards.

Auction Items!
A successful auction needs lots of trees and bonsai materials. Please dig deep and bring trees, pots, tools, stands, anything bonsai related which will either be in the auction or our Sales area. The club takes a 20% commission on all sales, or donations of 100% of the sale, and if you have friends in other clubs who would like to auction their items we welcome those contributions as well. Inventory Sheets to list your trees can be found here, and tags will be available at the August 2 meeting. Items for sale and auction need to be at the Corporate Center no later than 6:15 pm.

Auction Helpers!
We need plenty of helpers to make the auction run smoothly. It takes just about everyone in the club contributing in some way to make things run smoothly. Please contact Candace to volunteer your services if you haven’t already heard from her. No contribution is too small.

It’s always a fun time and there are sure to be lots of bargains. Hope to see you August 16.

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