MBC Program Schedule July thru December 2021

July 6 – Our first in-person meeting! MBC members’ peer critique of bonsai; no invited guest instructor. Request members bring to the in-person meeting their own bonsai for discussion and peer critique. Limit to two bonsai. Accents also can be brought in lieu of bonsai.

August 3 – Styling a juniper; guest instructor Eric Schrader of the
Bonsai Society of San Francisco.

September 7 – Plant-to-Bonsai (yamadori, nursery stock) Basics;
guest instructor Jonas Dupuich

October 5 – Planning meeting for November silent auction and sale;
no guest instructor. Those who want to sell bonsai, pots, etc., need to
receive or complete the paperwork at this meeting. Forms and price
tags will be available.

November 6 (first Saturday) – Silent auction and sale

December 4 – Holiday Dinner at Local Restaurant

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