We have our repot winners!

We start the year off right away at 7pm* on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 with a repotting program presented by bonsai professional Jonas Dupuich. Jonas will first lead us through the process to make sure our attention is focused on the tasks at hand. There are a number of common mistakes at each stage of the process and Jonas’ careful instruction should help us avoid many of them.

Two lucky club members, George Haas and Adam Petras, winners of our lottery, will receive guidance in the repotting of their trees during the meeting. One tree will be going from a nursery container to a bonsai pot, and one repotted from a bonsai pot into another, giving us two different perspectives on the repotting process.

Jonas will guide George and Adam through the steps and alert them before they make the typical mistakes we are all prone to, with all of us learning throughout the process. They will have a selection of pots to review for their repotting projects which will give Jonas the opportunity to critique the choices and provide us all guidance as we make similar selections for ourselves.


Special Meeting Alert – get there early to load up on repotting supplies !!

The doors to the Multi-Purpose Room at MAGC will be open early, at 6:30pm, to allow members time to purchase repotting supplies from Jonas if they wish.

In 2016, Jonas evolved from being the author of one of the best bonsai blogs and websites on the planet (Bonsai Tonight) to being a bonsai vendor as well. He imports premium bonsai soil mixes, tools, pots and other supplies from Japan and also sells bonsai he develops in his nursery.

You can see it all on his website store, but here are just a few of the items he offers:

  • Clay King deciduous mix (80% akadama) – the one Peter Tea uses – available in small and medium size, and the conifer mix (60% akadama) is available in the small size.
  • Also available, straight akadama and kanuma in small, medium and large, as well as lots of pumice.

If you wish to purchase from Jonas, it is recommend you contact him in advance of the meeting to place your order. This will ensure he has enough for everyone who wants supplies.

Candace Key

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