From the VP of Programs – August 2016

Thank you, George Haas, for the excellent write-up of Jay McDonald’s June demonstration. Jay sure did aim a lot of power tools at that bougainvillea! And I certainly enjoyed the break from delivering the blow-by-blow. Nobody answered my challenge to bring something to carve the following workshop, but that’s ok, I carved on my own. Much more daintily than what Jay did, but there was some noticeable progress. Everybody else was busy prepping trees for the Marin County Fair Show.

By all accounts, the Fair show was outstanding. Interest in the Beginners’ Workshop was high, though so far the sign-ups are on a par with past years, even though the visitors were contacted sooner after their visit with us than ever before. We have five committed participants so far, and at least three more promised.

August is going to be a busy month for us all. First, we have Peter Tea returning again, on the 2nd, to show us how the trident maple he severely pruned is doing. He will also show some development of some junipers. We will be asking for $5 donations to help cover the cost of Peter Tea’s expert presentation. Then on the 16th, we have our Annual Auction. See Candace’s notes on that elsewhere and please do consider selling and/or volunteering at the auction. It is one of the most fun and busiest nights we have all year, and we can use all the help we can get.

Please be sure to note that the venue for the auction has changed this year. It will be held at the Corporate Center in San Rafael. That’s at 750 Lindaro Street.

Our program for September is still dangerously up in the air, but we’re ringing phones and kicking down doors to get somebody to commit, so stay tuned . . .

– David Eichhorn

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