Another Great Show at the Marin County Fair

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Photos by George Haas and Dan Keller

Once again our exhibit at the Marin County Fair was a crowd pleaser. Hundreds of people came by to admire our trees in the spectacular display orchestrated by Jay McDonald, John Doig and Jeanette Arnold. There was a good representation of club members showing trees, although we always want more, and many people stepped up taking multiple docent shifts to make sure our trees were secure and the public duly information about the wonders of bonsai.

Rookie of the year award goes to Marcia Summers, and special thanks to Craig, Jay, John, Jeanette and others who put in extra time and effort. The show wouldn’t have been nearly so successful without everyone’s willingness to do whatever needed to be done. Thank you!!

We had a good turnout for the June 21 workshop. These photos show the happy and excited participants doing some last minute sprucing up getting their trees ready for the big show at the Marin County Fair.

There’s lots of fun to be had at these workshops. We’re having our annual Auction instead of a workshop in August so the next workshop will be September 20.


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Docent Schedule

Click on the box above to see who’s signed up for which shifts – updated 6/29/16.

Here you’ll find answers
to the most frequently asked questions
from visitors to our show.

MBC Brochure photo

The Marin Bonsai Club has published a new club information brochure for distribution. The brochure is loaded with information about our club philosophy, activities and exhibitions, and a brief history. It is intended for public consumption and new members. You will see it as a hand-out at our annual exhibitions and auction & sale. For more information, contact either Candace Key or George Haas.


“This is where we get to share bonsai culture with the general public. It really is our highlight of the year, and if you’ve ever been a docent before then you know that it is a lot of fun. You get to answer really basic questions about bonsai and meet nice people who are interested in your hobby. It’s also a great time to pick the brains of some members that you may not see all of the time.

We will have admission tickets for the docents and parking passes for those who pull multiple shifts. Jay will have tickets at the workshop on June 21.

The fair is a lot of fun. You can wander the grounds and hear some great music before or after your shifts. Sign up early and often!”

DanO – The Prez


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